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Red (Bordeaux AOC)

White (VDT)

Rosé (VDT)


1 liter 16,20€
1/2 liter 8,50€
Glass 10cl 3,00€


Rioja crianza Domus Deï rouge DO 75cl 24,50€
Côtes du Rhône rouge Duboeuf AOC 75cl 22,00€
Côtes de Provence rosé cuvée VALADAS AOC 75cl 24,00€
Pamploon rosé VDP Méditerranée 75cl 22,00€
Côtes de Gascogne blanc sec BIG AOP 75cl 21,00€
Rheinhessen « Blue blanc doux Alld » 75cl 20,00€
Glass of wine superior 4,00€


Cider Brut Artisanal TOPA 75cl 18,50€

Homemade Sangria

1 liter 17,50€
1/2 liter 9,00€
Glass 20cl 4,40€


Basque pâté with Espelette chilli 90gr 8,50€
Tuna salad 13,20€
Pimientos stuffed with cod (3 pimientos) 10,20€
Octopus salad 13,20€
Rabas (squid) 9,90€
Grilled sardines 10,50€
Mussels with cream (depending on arrival) 9,80€
Shrimp skewers 11,90€
Vegetarian salad 9,50€


Grilled prawns (rice, piperade) 19,50€
Tuna piperade (rice) 19,50€
Armorican Chipirons (rice) 19,50€
Spanish hake (rice, piperade) 19,50€
Fillet of Spanish sea bream (rice, piperade) 19,50€
Mussels with fried cream (depending on arrival) 13,90€


Axoa of veal (steamed potatoes) 18,50€
Duck confit (French fries) 18,50€
White ham (French fries) 8,80€


Kid Menu

Fish fillet (depending on arrival) 10€
Ice cream (Polo Up Cola or Polo Up Strawberry)
Syrup with water

Our homemade desserts

Sweetness of red fruits 7,00€
Béret Basque 7,00€
Lemon meringue pie 7,00€
Basque Cake 7,00€
Mamia (curdled sheep’s milk) 7,00€
Ama (pure sheep’s milk cheese with black cherry jam) 7,00€


Ice cream (Maison “Antolin”)

Cracking chocolate 6,80€
Delicious vanilla 6,80€
Strawberry sorbet 6,80€

For kids

Giant stick (vanilla almond) 4,50€


Sheep’s milk cheese 7,00€